Whole Yoga Foundations Immersion/ 2018
Whole Yoga Foundations Immersion/ 2018
Whole Yoga Foundations Immersion/ 2018
Whole Yoga Foundations Immersion/ 2018

Whole Yoga Foundations Immersion/ 2018

$ 222.00

Join Kelly Sunrose for her foundational yoga immersion (only offered every other year).

Whole Yoga is a cosmic dance into the wilderness of a complete yoga practice.  This class reveals the powerful medicine that exists within you, that IS you always and forever. It sets the stage for all other immersions with Kelly Sunrose.

How do we do that?

We work from the wisdom texts to drop deeply into our own practice. We meet for study and discussion. We move and meditate. We reflect on the sensations that arise in the body.

We yoke.

We are yoked.

The details

We gather virtually from March 7-April 26 (no class March 28th).


  • Every Tuesday, students receive an email detailing the plan for the week;
  • Every Wednesday, we gather ONLINE for class from 1-2:30pm Pacific Standard Time;
  • Every Thursday, students receive an email with homework, supplemental resources, guided audio practices and updates to the class workbook.

In between classes, students and teacher alike post reflections, questions, answers to a private google group to facilitate maximum exploration and connection.


This immersion covers the following topics:

  • Margas (Paths of Yoga);
  • Koshas;
  • Kleshas;
  • 8 Limbs of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras;
  • Dharma;
  • Nirodhah- Abhyasa-Vairagya;
  • Chakras;
  • Gunas & Kaivalya.

We go wide and we go deep. This immersion is the foundation for a complete yoga practice. 

This immersion is for you, if:

  • You want to know more about the yoga beyond poses, but have no idea where to begin.
  • You know there is more to yoga than poses, but you're not sure how to locate the "nectar" in the texts;
  • You are dropping deeper into your practice and want to connect with other yogis;
  • You want to increase your capacity for curiosity, compassion, joy and ecstasy.

This immersion also is for you, if:

  • You are a yoga teacher, looking to step-up your teaching by engaging students more fully in a complete yoga practice.


Kelly's immersions are multi-media and for every kind of learning style. Her immersions focus as much on the process of learning as on the content itself.

  • The immersion combines source reading, supplemental reading, pre-recorded audio meditations, pre-recorded video practices, real-time online lectures and discussions (recorded for re-watching or for students who cannot join in real-time), a workbook, an online discussion forum and journalling prompts.

This approach follows an inclusive, constructivist education model to support what in yoga we call jñana or true knowing.

We will work with the following text:

  • Light on Life, by BKS Iyengar.

In addition, we will work from select portions of the following texts:

  • The Bhagavad Gita;
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali;
  • The Upanishads.

2018 Teaching Module:

  • For those interested in learning how to understand and create your own teaching methodology and

  • Apply the concepts shared in the Whole Yoga Immersion,

Kelly is offering an additional module for teachings in 2018. This module meets on Thursdays during the Whole Yoga Foundational Immersion from 1-2pm PST. 


  • Certified to teach yoga
  • Commitment to the process of practice and this course

To enroll, register for this course AND the Whole Yoga Foundational Immersion Teaching Module.



    "The space and the focus that were offered allowed me to really dive deep into the material. I appreciate having that container for learning. And I love how immersions and other online courses allow the opportunity to learn from teachers around the globe, to supplement our in-person teachers and our personal study." --student in the 2017 Bhagavad Gita Immersion

    "The immersion class was so good for me!  I'm using what I learned on almost a daily basis." -- J., yoga student and new mom, on the Whole Yoga Spring Immersion.

    About your guide:

    Kelly Sunrose, ERYT-500, YACEP, shares methods for applying the age-old technology of Yoga to 21st-century life. She offers her students tools for living deeply creative, empowered and aligned lives. Through extensive study with her beloved teachers and thousands of hours logged in her personal practice, Kelly clearly shares philosophy, movement, mantra, breathwork and meditation techniques.

    Kelly’s offerings are intended to be a bridge between the traditional practices and the pace of modern life. She offers support to students who are as curious about the process of learning as they are the subject itself. She is transparent about her methods of learning and teaching and seeks to share these methods far and wide. She is a forever student of process. In her contemplative practice, in art and in creating consensus from conflict. Kelly incorporates these seemingly disparate elements to create transformative experiences.

    Connect with any questions: sunroseyoga@gmail.com

    Continuing Education:

    Kelly is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. By successfully completing this course, students may apply for 12 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.


    • Upon registering for this course, you will receive an email containing a pdf with more-detailed course information.
    • One month prior to the course (2/1/2017), participants will receive a reading list and syllabus, plus all relevant course information.
    • One week prior to the course (2/25/2017), students will receive a welcome email, invitation to join the private google group and any final logistical information that will make the course more potent and full of connection.
    • Please do not hesitate to connect with Kelly about any questions or concerns: sunroseyoga@gmail.com