RAMAYANA: R/Evolution

RAMAYANA: R/Evolution

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Big shifts are happening all around us, within us. This is the time to come into optimal alignment and evolve into the highest vision of yourself, our species, this planet.

Or, it's time for our next immersion!

Immersions are an opportunity to deepen your connection to the authentic lineage of yoga and to drop more deeply into your own capacity for embodied wisdom and compassion.

Now is the time.

  • Deepen your practice beyond postures and into the fullness of your life.
  • Connect the wisdom of the ages to current conditions on our planet and in our lives.
  • Do more/Be MORE with your practice.
  • Commune with the divine feminine and come into right relationship with the planet through your practice.
  • Delight in the company of fellow devoted practitioners.

Then join us in the next Whole Yoga Immersion.

The Whole Yoga Immersion is a transformative practice experience, online, in 8 weeks.

I've been guiding experiential philosophy immersions since 2014. This September, we're diving deeply into the wisdom of The Ramayana to inform the revolutionary winds that are blowing through the collective consciousness right now.

The Ramayana -- it's one of India's great epics-- centers around stories of power, duty and love. It highlights tensions between order and evolution. It reveals the light and dark of the human heart. The Ramayana is for us.

At this moment in time, there is inspiration to use all of our inner resources to fortify stronger bonds with our planet and communities (and beyond).

This immersion is an 8-week course that will teach you how to live your yoga practice. It will also teach you an approach to the wisdom texts that encourages full-on, embodied experiential learning.

What students say about Kelly's immersions

"The immersion was so good for me!  I'm using what I learned on almost a daily basis." -- J., yoga student and new mom, on the Whole Yoga Spring Immersion.

"I want everyone I know to study with Kelly! She's a grade A #bossgirl. As I've said to her many times, I don't know how I found her but boy oh boy, I'm glad I did. Her immersions are so heartfelt, so deep, and resonate with me so much that I just feel an extraordinary amount of gratitude to her." --Sara, yoga teacher, on the Bhagavad Gita Immersion.

About Your Guide

Kelly Sunrose has been teaching yoga & meditation since 2006. Her offerings are intended to be a bridge between the traditional practices and the pace of modern life. Kelly brings yoga philosophy to life by connecting the wisdom of the ages & sages through embodiment, meditation and deep listening. Kelly's immersions support students who are as curious about the process of learning as they are the subject itself and who are committed to living the practice. Kelly has been practicing yoga consistently since 1997 and meditation since 1998. Her most influential teachers are Kira (Ryder) Sloane, Erich Schiffmann, Ravi Ravindra and Patricia Sullivan.

  • What kind of person is this immersion for? Does it matter if yoga is my hobby? Do I need to be a teacher to participate?
    • This immersion is for everyone. It's my personal mission to bring yoga practice and education to home practitioners whose practice is part of who they are regardless of what they do for a living. I don't think we all need to teach yoga, but we can all live our practice of yoga.
  • But I already read this book. Don't I know everything I need to know already?
    • Even if you've read this text 100 times, you haven't experienced it this time, with this focus and with this community of yogis. I've been dancing with these wisdom texts since 2003. I've read and re-read, studied and re-studied, learned from many teachers from multiple lineages, and each and every time I learn something new. The teachings embed themselves anew each time. It's true, you might know some things. You might even know a lot of things, but this offering is about more than knowing. It's about fully experiencing the wisdom of the ages.
  • I'm interested, but nervous at the same time. Do I know enough?
    • I fully believe that when the student is ready, the teachings will appear. If you've read this far, it is for a reason. The teachings you are meant to engage with will find you. That said, there is such potential in the "beginner's mind" associated with nervousness. When we hold space for the possibility that there is at least ONE THING we don't yet know, a whole world opens up.
  • What if I can't join in real-time?
    • Although the class does meet in real-time each week, plenty of past students around the globe have thrived and fully steeped in the material without attending in real-time. The key is to schedule your participation as though you are participating in real-time, AND to chime-in on our class forum.
    • Here's a note from a past participant who was not able to participate in real-time: I adore how you know all your students and that its not just a forum of a gazillion students with weekly updates that are just generated by mail chimp. It's so personal, which I remember scared me at first, but now I love it so much.
  • When does class start?
    • Our first live class is Friday, September 6.
  • How much time does it take?
    • As with many things, you get out of this kind of experience what you put into it. My recommendation is to plan on 2-3 hours of homework per week in addition to your regular practice (meditation, movement, chanting, etc.).
    • Not sure how you'll find the time? When you prioritize your practice, it is amazing how time for your practice opens up. Granted, you might not be able to spend as much time on Instagram or watching Netflix (or maybe you will, but you'll just wake up earlier), but committing to your practice transforms your life. I heard this quote the other day, though I can't remember where-- the price of your new life IS YOUR OLD LIFE.
  • What's the schedule?
    • This immersion runs from September 6- October 25. We meet live every Friday for class. Every Monday (excluding the first week), you'll receive an email recapping the previous week and detailing the work of the week ahead. In between, we'll share our experience of the readings and the homework in our private online forum.
    • The live classes will be held using an online video conferencing software and recorded (audio & video). Links to the replays will be available to all students.
  • How long do I have to sign up?
    • Class begins September 6. Registration will close September 9.