PREMA SVARUPA: advanced online practice immersion

PREMA SVARUPA: advanced online practice immersion

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PREMA SVARUPA, love is your essence.

Loving yourself is a radical practice on the road to collective liberation. In this immersion, we'll explore the origins of love as a verb through a study of the Upanishads, Rig Veda and the Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life in tandem with a collection of practices in writing, mantra, meditation, listening and self-study created by Kelly through her decades-long practice.

This immersion meets online from April 6- May 29, 2020.

Immersions are an opportunity to deepen your connection to the authentic lineage of yoga and to drop more deeply into your own capacity for embodied wisdom and compassion.

Now is the time.

  • Deepen your practice beyond postures and into the fullness of your life.
  • Connect the wisdom of the ages to current conditions on our planet and in our lives.
  • Do more/Be MORE with your practice.
  • Commune with the divine feminine and come into right relationship with the planet through your practice.
  • Delight in the company of fellow devoted practitioners.

Then join us in this immersion.

PREMA SVARUPA is a transformative practice experience, online, in 8 weeks.

I've been guiding experiential philosophy immersions since 2014. This April, we're diving deeply into the wisdom of The Upanishads (with some support from the Rig Veda, Bodhicharyavatara in addition to the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita). Our companion text is Turn This World Inside Out: The Emergence of Nurturance Culture, by Nora Samaran.

At this moment in time, there is inspiration to use all of our inner resources to fortify stronger bonds with our planet and communities (and beyond). There is a call to learn to love and live in right relationship in ways we have never before imagined.

THIS IS THE TIME to tap into your own love-essence.

This immersion is an 8-week course that will teach you how to live your yoga practice. It will also teach you an approach to the wisdom texts that encourages full-on, embodied experiential learning.

The magical details:

  • This is an online course.
  • The dates of this class are April 6- May 29.
  • The format of the class is as follows: on Mondays students receive an email with the plan for the week including a recap of the previous week's readings, on Wednesdays students have an opportunity to talk or practice informally in an online classroom, on Fridays we meet LIVE in an online classroom from 12-2pm Pacific Standard time. These sessions are recorded via audio and video and sent out as soon after class ends as possible along with homework for the next week. In-between, there are ongoing discussions happening in our private google group.
  • There are assignments for this class.